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Best Pocket Knives In the World

Best Pocket Knife Buying Guide Looking for the best pocket knife? Whether you're searching based on brand, quality, blade, price or other factors, our pocket knife brand will help you make the right choice. There are a ton of considerations to keep in mind when searching for the perfect pocket knife. However, a few stand out as particularly important for knife enthusiasts making buying choices. This buying guide examines: How to Decide Which Pocket Knife is Right for You  How Important is Brand When Buying a Pocket Knife?  Steel and Blade Sharpening for Pocket Knives  What Blade Length Should You Look for in a Pocket Knife?  How Much Does Blade Edge Matter for Pocket Knives?  The Handle of Your Pocket...

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Knife Enthusiasts Guide to Illinois Knife Laws

Illinois is one of the states which references the intentions of the knife wielder in ascertaining whether or not it is legal for them to be in possession of said knife. However, that isn’t the only means by which they label a knife as legal or illegal. The law states that certain knives, that is ballistic, throwing, and automatic, are completely illegal. These knives cannot be made, owned, sold, or otherwise be in your possession while in Illinois.

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Knife Laws in Oregon

Many of the laws regarding knives within the state of Oregon are found not in statutes, but in the findings of the courts. In truth, Oregon is fairly loose with its laws, and has even overturned them in the past as they believed their laws restricting the owning and open carrying of knives, if you were not a convicted felon, was unconstitutional.

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