Butterfly Knives

Everything you need to know about Butterfly Knives

What is a Butterfly Knife?

The butterfly knife is a foldable pocket knife. It has many names such as the "balisong" or "fan knife" depending on where you're located.

This knife is designed to act as a powerful, self-defense tool and has been around for generations in the Philippines. It comes with two counter-rotating handles with a concealed blade. The blade is hidden in the groove of the blade.

What are the most Popular Styles and Types of Butterfly Knives?

The butterfly knife has gone through years of transformation after being manufactured for brands such as Parker, Valor, and Gutmann Cutlery. 

There are unique variants on the market based on features such as the materials, colors, and details.

These styles include the use of several custom-made blade designs.

Most of the variation between these butterfly knives is noticed with their inlays. For example, a butterfly knife can come with ebony, scrimshawed ivory, regular Ivory, prehistoric ivory, mother-of-pearl, and tropical woods. Most of these designs are intricate, well-processed, and compact to maintain the blade's integrity.

History and Evolution of the Butterfly Knife

In general, the butterfly knife was famous in the Philippines.

It acted as a straightforward and effective self-defense blade that could be hidden in one's pocket or bag. This made it easy for the locals to keep them handy. Over time, the value of this blade grew as its name spread across the planet. This is where the blade started to grow in stature and develop its modern-day features.

The original blade was simplistic and had the general feel of its modern-day version without those intricate details.

This evolution has become evident as various manufacturers brought their version into the mix.

How are Butterfly Knives Used Around the World?

Butterfly knives are often employed as self-defense options due to their portability, quality, and durability.

The knives are also useful in military settings where the goal is to survive in odd settings. Having a survival knife such as this in your back pocket is useful for the average soldier. These knives have also been employed in various unrelated settings such as a chef's kitchen, martial arts instruction, and cutting grass.

Many nations are particular about how the butterfly knife is used on a day-to-day basis. Its use has to be made clear right from the get-go.

Why Do People Use A Butterfly Knife Instead of Other Knives?

It all comes down to a set of benefits that are seen with this type of knife.

Benefits of Butterfly Knives

  1. Portable
  2. Lightweight and Ergonomic
  3. Concealed Blade
  4. Flexible
  5. Aesthetically Pleasing
  6. Durable

This is the ultimate knife for those who want to move away from the switchblade without losing its advantages. It's a sturdy knife and one that has been raved about around the world. Its uses are clear and those who have one on their person talk about how important it can be.

Whether it is out in a forest as a soldier or while preparing food, this is a top-tier knife.