Carbon Fiber Knives

Finding Carbon Fiber Pocket and Folding Knives

Carbon fiber pocket and folding knives are some of the toughest EDC knives you can buy. They easily stand up to everyday usage for ordinary tasks. Carbon fiber pocket and folding knives are ideal for people looking for something they can carry with them all or most of the time without worrying about damage, durability and wear and tear. You can get a great and reliable EDC knife when you go with a carbon fiber pocket or folding knife.

Our carbon fiber pocket knife is the perfect EDC knife. It uses a mixture of carbon fiber and TC4 titanium alloy in the hanle and D2 for the blade for a hardness of 60 HRC. It folds up to be small and light, yet still durable. All around, it is a great knife to carry around all day if you’re looking for an EDC carbon fiber pocket or folding knife.

Other Types of Carbon Fiber Knives: Butterfly Knife, Fixed Blade, Karambit

Carbon fiber is not only used for pocket and folding knives. You can also get carbon fiber butterfly knives, karambit knives and fixed blade knives.

This is due to the nature of carbon fiber itself. Carbon fiber is a low weight, high stiffness material that can withstand high temperatures and has high tensile strength. It has a lot of advantages in strength, durability and weight compared with other materials commonly used for knife production. In fact, carbon fiber is so highly regarded that it is also used for production in the realms of aerospace, civil engineering, the military and motorsports. In all of these applications, as well as in the context of high quality knives, carbon fiber has to be able to withstand stressful conditions without bending or breaking.

Carbon fiber is used on various parts of the knife, including the blade, the scales, the handle and elsewhere.

Carbon Fiber Knife Blade

While carbon fiber is certainly used for knife blades, it is not a very common material or the most durable. The nature of carbon fiber lends itself more to the handle and scales of the knife than the blade. This is due to the action of the blade of a knife. Slicing or cutting will wear down carbon fiber very quickly. It is possible to sharpen a carbon fiber knife blade with a sharpening stone or sandpaper, but it is easier to simply get a blade that is made from something other than carbon fiber.

A bonus of a carbon fiber blade is that it is extremely light. One application of a carbon fiber blade would be as part of a carbon fiber knife. Such a knife would be exceptionally light, but not very durable. It would work in a pinch or an emergency, but could not serve as an EDC knife because of how easily the blade would wear down. Carry a 100% carbon fiber knife as a nearly weightless knife you can use in a pinch, but avoid it for your EDC knives.

Carbon Fiber Knife Scales

Knife scales are part of the material of the handle of the knife and carbon fiber is an excellent material to make the scales from. Knife scales can also be made from wood, metal or resin, but carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials to make knife scales out of. If you are making your own knife from scratch you can buy sheets of carbon fiber scales to use during the construction of the handle.

Carbon Fiber Knife Handle

Carbon fiber scales can be used as part of a carbon fiber handle, or all of it. Such handles are extremely tough and curable. This makes a carbon fiber handle great for something like an EDC pocket knife that you plan to carry around a lot. It will not get damaged from being in your pocket all day or from everyday uses. That is because of the exceptional durability of carbon fiber in general. Many modern knives are made with handles that are at least partially carbon fiber.

One alternative to carbon fiber is titanium. It is also extremely tough so it is a viable alternative to carbon fiber for the handle of a knife. Both titanium and carbon fiber will last you a very long time with little damage.

Are There 100% Carbon Fiber Knives?

Yes! As mentioned above, there are 100% carbon fiber knives. This means that carbon fiber is the material used for the blade, the handle, absolutely everything on the knife. The advantage of these knives is that they are exceedingly light. You would be hard-pressed indeed to find a knife that weighs less than a 100% carbon fiber knife.

But there are drawbacks, as noted earlier. Carbon fiber makes a great handle material because of its strength and durability, but it is fragile as a knife blade. Cutting, chopping and stabbing actions will quickly wear out a carbon fiber knife. You’ll notice damage and dulling nearly as soon as you start using a 100% carbon fiber knife. While the handle will hold up for a long time, you may find yourself constantly resharpening the blade if you try to use the knife as an EDC knife.

100% carbon fiber knives are great tools for carrying around in the case of an emergency. They will do what you need them to if a sudden need arises, but they can’t do it over and over again. We don’t recommend them for everyday use, but they are very convenient to carry if you want something light that you don’t plan to use all the time. Think of your 100% carbon fiber knife as your emergency backup knife rather than your EDC knife.

Our recommendation if you are interested in carbon fiber materials for your knife is to look for carbon fiber scales and handles, but not carbon fiber blades, as they are too brittle for everyday use. As a material for handles, however, carbon fiber is tough and resilient and an all around excellent choice.