Cheap Knives

Find a Cheap Knife with High Quality

You don’t need to ruin your budget to get a high quality knife you’ll be proud to own. We offer a range of high quality knives that are extremely affordable. We offer everything from chef knives to EDC knives to scuba knives at prices that make them accessible to any collector.

Often, people believe they need the highest end steel and the best possible grip material on every one of their knives. But advances in knife making technology has made it possible to produce excellent knives that aren’t as expensive as the high end blades.

You may also find yourself in a position where you simply don’t need the best knife on the market right now. Cheap knives are a great way to try out styles and types of knives that you are considering buying. Purchase the cheaper version of the knife to test it out. You may find yourself surprised by the quality of the knife you end up with.

The Best Cheap Knife: EDC Knives, Pocket Knives, Butterfly Knives, CS GO Knives and More

We have a range of cheap knives, including EDC knives, pocket knives, butterfly knives and others.

If you are looking for a knife to train on, check out some of the butterfly knives in our cheap knives collection. The Blue Anodized Mirrored CS Go Practice Butterfly Knife Trainer is an excellent knife to practice butterfly tricks on. These tricks can be dangerous if they are performed with a real butterfly knife, so beginners are advised to learn on a practice knife that won’t cause injury.

There are also real butterfly and balisong knives among our cheap knives. This includes White Starry Sky and Black Starry Sky. These two butterfly knives bear a distinctive universe-themed look on the blade itself. You can get an incredible looking butterfly knife for cheap by going with either of these knives, or the Black on Red, Black Camo and Fade CS GO knives.

But it isn’t just butterfly knives. Our Training Karambit is an excellent folding knife to carry around for the sake of adjusting to weight and feel. Available in a range of colors, it has a stainless steel blade and superb G10 handle material.

Folding knives are one of the most popular types of knives. Many sellers will tell you that you need to invest in a $100+ folding knife right out of the gate. But we carry excellent folding and pocket knives that are much cheaper while still using top tier materials for their construction.

Take, for example, our Folding Utility Pocket Knife. It comes in several styles, including a classic wood look or a more standard stainless steel handle. The blade is made from reliable stainless steel, so you know that even while you’re saving money you’re still getting quality from your knife. This is an excellent knife to carry around, as it is lightweight and inexpensive. You won’t need to worry that you’re carrying an incredibly expensive knife with you just for your daily needs. And this knife will still accommodate any ordinary needs you may encounter in your daily life.

The Best Cheap Knife Sets

Our cheap knives allow you to build up your home knife set affordably. Check out a knife block and chef knives for your kitchen. Our cheap knife blocks will protect your kitchen knives without breaking the bank. You can choose between the classic kitchen block for your counter or a magnetic knife holding strip.

Knife blocks are excellent for storing many knives in a range of styles. They protect the knives well and look good on your counter. However, they do take up a lot of space. That’s why people sometimes choose magnetic knife strips instead. These strips can save a ton of space in a cramped kitchen by allowing you to place your knives on the wall. Be aware, however, that magnetic strips but the knives within easy reach, so ensure that children can’t get to the knives.

Of course, there are other types of knife sets beyond those just found in a kitchen. Build up your set of EDC or butterfly knives by starting with our selection of more affordable knives in these categories. Our cheap knives can be the perfect way to start exploring your dream knife set.

Other Types of Cheap Knives

Explore our full range of cheap knives, where you will find everything from pocket knives to chef knives to multi-tools and hunting knives. You can get just about any knife you’re looking for more affordably.

Our Stainless Steel Multi-Tool costs a fraction of what it should and comes with all the tools you could possibly need. Avid campers and outdoors enthusiasts will find all the tools they wish to carry into the woods with them, from bottle openers to serrated knives to carabiners.

Hunters may also want to carry one of our affordable hunting knives. We have a stainless steel folding karambit hunting knife that is super easy to carry around and great for most outdoor situations. The knife comes in a range of attractive colors and folds up for super easy carrying.

This isn’t the full range of our selection of cheap knives. You can find just about any knife you are hoping to get for an incredible price.

Save Money with a Cheap Knife that Still Gets the Job Done

Knives don’t have the break the bank. You can start or continue your collection, try something new or get a super useful hunting or EDC knife for an incredibly reasonable price by browsing our selection of cheap knives.

Too often, we hear people say that they just can’t afford the knives they want and need. That shouldn’t be the case. We offer a full range of affordable knives because we want our customers to get the knife they want without stressing about cost.

After browsing our selection of cheap knives, check out our other offerings to see if they fit your needs better. We pride ourselves on a selection broad enough to accommodate all our customers’ needs.