Chef Knife

Adding Chef Knives to Your Collection

A high quality chef knife is the cornerstone of any cook’s knife collection. A chef knife can take on tough jobs that other knives simply aren’t suited for. Originally meant for carving up meat, a chef knife serves as a reliable all-around knife for those who are building their home cooking knife sets.

A typical chef knife is about eight inches long, though the specific measurements can vary depending on the exact type of chef knife you buy. Most chef knives are modeled on either the French or German style of chef knives. French knives have a straight edge with a curve at the tip and German chef knives have a continuous curve along the entire cutting edge of the blade.

More recently, Japanese chef knives have also gained popularity. Sometimes, Japanese chef knives are modeled after French chef knives; other times they are closer to Japanese “gyuto” knives, which are beef knives. For traditionalists, there are classic cleaver-style chef knives.

If you are thinking about adding a chef knife to your home kitchen knife collection, you may want to consider the type of blade you’re most interested in, particular when in regard to the amount of curve. Perhaps you already own a chef knife and want to try a different style. Our affordable chef knives make that very easy to do. If you are simply re-buying a favorite chef knife because the former one has worn out, we can help there too. Browse our wide selection of chef knives to find a perfect match for your cooking knife set.

The Top Rated Chef Knives

Some of the most highly regarded chef knives include: J.A. Henckels Flexible Boning Knife, Wusthof Chef Knife, Masanobu VG-10 Damascus Santoku, Honyaki Sashimi Knife, Masahiro Utility Knife, and Kiya Hamono Gyuto.

These knives are some of the best in the world when it comes to chef knives, but they don’t come cheap. In fact, they can get quite expensive so unless you need a highly specialized chef knife, these knives may be a bit outside your budget. For the at-home chef, a more affordable chef knife can take care of most tasks without busting your budget.

We offer some of the top rated chef knives that aren’t budget breakers. This includes Japanese knives, ceramic knives and classic cleaver chef knives. Whether you’re preferred style is German, French, Japanese or something else entirely, we offer a range of chef knives that are excellent for knife sets and collections.

A great place to start for those new to knife buying or chef knives in general is our Affordable Classic Chef Knife. This knife is specifically meant to suit most budgets. It has a classic chef knife shape and will work great for most home chef knife tasks. It is a fantastic way to try a chef knife and see if a more expensive one is worth the investment or not.

Best Professional Chef Knife

Of course, if you are a professional, you need a professional’s knife. In such cases, knives like the Wusthof Chef Knife and J.A. Henckels Flexible Boning Knife are recommended. Similarly, the Honyaki Sashimi Knife belongs on the list of professional chef knives. What all of these have in common is quality and specialization. The boning knife is suited specifically for boning; the sashimi knife is the right choice for professional sashimi chefs.

These knives tend to be extremely sharp and long-lasting. They can stand up to the heavy, constant use demanded by professionals. In contrast, a knife for an at-home chef who is not a professional may not have the extra sharpness and fine materials used in a professional knife. However, an at-home chef may never notice this discrepancy. They simply aren’t going to use the knife as heavily as a professional.

When it comes to professional chef knives, Wusthof is one of the most highly regarded brands available. Wusthof makes a wide variety of knives. Most are at the top of the list in terms of quality, but also price. In fact, most of the professional chef knives are going to come at a noticeable extra cost. That is fine for a professional who needs a durable knife that is going to last them many years of work, but for everyone else the high cost can be excessive.

Types of Knives: Handmade, Ceramic and Steel Chef Knives

When people think of chef knives they tend to think of one single knife in the classic chef knife shape. In reality, there are many types and styles of chef knives, from handmade chef knives to ceramic chef knives to Japanese, German and French chef knives. The differences can be subtle. It takes time to find the style of chef knife that suits each individual, but our affordable chef knives make it possible to try different types of knives with minimal risk.

Our Ceramic Chef Knife has a classic chef knife shape and is made with durable ceramic. Some people prefer ceramic for their chef knives because they don’t corrode easily. This makes them great for any type of food preparation task. No matter what you’re cutting, the acid or other substances in the food won’t eat away at your knife.

Japanese knives are very highly regarded. Our Japanese Chef Knife combines a beautiful wood handle with a 7 or 8.3 inch blade. You will get traditional Japanese quality from the stainless steel blade. And it is not the only Japanese chef knife we offer. We also have others, like the Blue Handle Damascus Steel knife, that are extremely high quality chef knives.

Whether you want a cleaver chef knife or a modern looking standard chef knife or something else entirely, we have a wide range of chef knives to choose from. You can’t go wrong adding a chef knife to your home knife set. Accomplish all your home cooking tasks easily with a quality chef knife that is reliable, versatile and easy to use. Start with an affordable knife to get your feet wet or dive right in to specific styles and types of materials.