Cleaver Knife

Getting a Butcher Cleaver

A butcher cleaver is an alternative to a modern chef knife. It can do many of the same tasks a chef knife can do, such as slicing meat and vegetables in the kitchen. A butcher cleaver is a more traditional, older version of a modern chef knife. The large, blocky shape isn’t right for all tasks, but some prefer it because of the way it harkens back to knife and cooking traditions.

A butcher cleaver is also called a meat cleaver. This speaks to its original usage as a tool specifically for butchers who needed it for cutting large hunks of meat. A cleaver is necessary for large pieces of meat that need to be carved into joints or pieces.

While a meat cleaver can be seen as a very specialized item, if you prepare a lot of meat at home in your kitchen, a meat cleaver could make your life easier. It will get through meat more easily than even other large knives such as chef knives. If you cook meat regularly, a meat cleaver is an invaluable addition to your home kitchen knife collection. It can help separate chicken thighs, slice through bones and carve up meat in a way that no other knife can match. Even other heavy, large kitchen knives can’t accomplish tasks like these without getting damaged and breaking over time. In fact, in some instances it can be safer to use a butcher cleaver than a smaller, weaker knife, as such a knife can break and injure you in the process. A meat or butcher cleaver that you know won’t break is also not going to cause harm by chipping.  

Who Uses Meat Cleaver Knives?

Butchers still use meat cleavers, even modern butchers. While a lot of the tools of butchery have undergone major technological upgrades, the meat or butcher cleaver has remained a staple. The reliability and endurance of meat cleavers has allowed them to last through the ages, even as other tools have changed or faded away.

It is not only butchers who use meat cleavers these days. The tool has become much more accessible to the general public. Therefore, more and more home chefs and casual cooks are adding meat cleavers to their knife collections simply for preparing meals at home. It is more reasonable and affordable than ever for the average lay person to have a butcher knife at home for carving up meat in their kitchen. With meat cleavers being affordable and accessible, there’s no reason not to have one at home since it makes cutting up meat both easier and safer. Anyone who eats meat even just once a week would do well to include a meat cleaver in their kitchen kit. There is little risk given the affordability of such knives now.

Japanese Cleaver Knives

Japanese knives are highly regarded. It isn’t just Japanese cleaver knives, either. Japanese chef knives and other knives are also renowned for their exceptional quality.

When it comes to cleaver knives, the tradition of Japanese quality and excellence continues. We offer a hand forged Japanese cleaver knife that is an exemplary example of just such craftsmanship. It is a very thick cleaver for added durability and strength. You will never need to worry that your knife might break when you use this Japanese cleaver knife. It can cut through anything with ease and will last you a very long time no matter how much use you plan to put it to.

There is a common misconception that in order to get a good Japanese cleaver knife you have to spend a lot of money, but that isn’t true at all. We also offer affordable Japanese cleaver knives to ensure that anyone who is interested in such a knife can afford to test one out for themselves at home. We value affordability as a means to allow everyone to try the knives they’d like to add to their collection. At the same time, the knives are still high quality and reliable. You won’t have to worry that the knife isn’t up to the task just because it is more affordable than other knives.

Custom Cleaver Knives

There are knife makers out there who can produce custom cleaver knives, but these are highly specialized tools that most home cooks don’t need to pay extra money for. For the average person, a custom cleaver knife is not necessary and one of the excellent ones already available without customization will handle most jobs.

However, custom cleaver knives can be beautiful collector’s items or just have the perfect blade, handle and look you desire. To get a custom cleaver knife, you would need to contact someone capable of creating such knives. Things like cost and the time required to create the knife will vary greatly depending on who is making it for you and what their process for making knives is like. For a quicker, smoother purchasing process, choose one of our cleaver knives, which are both affordable and ready to ship right away.

Kitchen Cleaver Knives for at Home

Many people choose to include a cleaver knife with their home kitchen tools. Cleaver knives are impressive looking and great tools for carving meat. Even a casual at-home cook can find that their kitchen tasks become much easier when they add a kitchen knife.

A good kitchen cleaver knife should be made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is an excellent material for kitchen knives because of how resistant it is to rust and corrosion. Be cautious about weight. It is easy to get carried away and buy the biggest cleaver you can find, but a knife that is so heavy it’s unwieldy will not help you accomplish anything. Fit is important; look for a knife that feels good in your hand and is comfortable to use. This will allow you to achieve greater precision when working with the tool.

Eventually, you may find you need to sharpen the cleaver. To do this, you can use a sharpening steel, the most common way of sharpening a cleaver. This tool is simply a steel rod with a handle and is very easy to use.