Combat Knife

Are Combat Knives the Right Choice for You?

Some types of knives may be quite popular with a certain group of civilians but they are primarily designed for use by military personnel. That would include the combat knife, which is basically a type of fighting knife that is used for close quarters combat fighting. These types of knives are created specifically for that purpose, but they may also serve additional purposes as well under certain circumstances.

Combat Knife Styles

As is the case with many types of knives, the combat knife may come in a wide variety of styles and with different options. Some are designed specifically for one branch of the service while others may be more of a crossover that could be used by any soldier. In most cases, they will have a fixed blade and may come with a carrying sheath. They also don't typically come in bright colors but are black or another color that keeps shine to a minimum. In addition, they tend to be easy to handle but are not slick, so that your hand can hold onto the grip.

How are Combat Knives Used in the World?

Primarily, combat knives are used for fighting in close quarters. They may be issued to members of the military or, in some cases, the military personnel may choose a combat knife that is comfortable for them. Civilians may also use combat knives but they don't typically use them for fighting purposes. They are often used for protection and defense or, in some cases, they could be part of a survival kit. Some of the most popular types of fighting knife options include the tactical skeleton survival knife, the tactical fixed blade combat knife and the outdoor survival and self-defense mini claw.

History of Combat Knives

The use of a combat knife is certainly part of today's military but they have also been used for military purposes for thousands of years. Iron combat daggers were some of the first to be used, with more modern styles being developed in the 14th century for Scandinavian, English, Scottish and French soldiers. World War I and World War II saw further development of the combat knife, and at that time, they were known as a trench knife. Today, they are used around the world for military purposes and civilians may also have them for their own use as well.

Combat Knives in Popular Culture

Use of this type of knife in modern, popular culture is quite diverse. One of the best-known instances of this type of use is in Crocodile Dundee. He carried the knife with him at all times and used it for defense and for a wide variety of other purposes. Other movies that prominently displayed these types of knives include Desperado, the Hunted, Saving Private Ryan and Gangs of New York.

Carrying around a combat knife is not going to be suitable for everyone but for the knife enthusiast and for those who are into survival, it may be the perfect choice. It might not be your day to day, go-to knife but it is one that certainly belongs in your pack.