Fixed Blade Knives

Finding the Best Fixed Blade Knife

Fixed blade knives are those knives that do not fold up into a more compact form. Outside of that specification, they span a broad range of other knife styles, categories and uses. You can get a fixed blade tactical knife, fixed blade combat knife, boot knife, dive knife and many other styles of knife. The distinctive feature is the fixed, unfolding blade.

A folding knife is often a very convenient option because of its ability to compress into a small size, but there are several perks to a fixed blade knife as well. For one thing, a fixed blade knife is stronger. A fixed blade knife can be much larger than a folding knife. The mechanisms required to fold the knife require the blade be a smaller length, as it must fit within the handle when folded. A fixed blade knife, by contrast, is big and strong and doesn’t break as easily as a folding knife, or hardly ever.

Plus, fixed blade knives can have longer blades. This is especially important for people who need knives with specific uses. You couldn’t have a holding chef knife, for example, because you need a large, sturdy knife blade.

Fixed blade knives are also easier to maintain. With a folding knife, moisture and corrosive substances can get into the socket where the blade is folded, wearing down the blade without you even realizing it. With a fixed blade knife, the blade is always visible, so you can spot damage and corrosion early on. Plus, you don’t need to worry about maintaining both the knife itself and the hinges that allow it to fold.

Small Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives often are very large. The lack of a folding action allows the knife to include a big heavy blade. This doesn’t mean that all fixed blade knives are huge, however. There are small fixed blade knife options that are still excellent.

Some fixed blade knives are hardly larger than a hand. Our Fixed Blade Tactical Knife, for example, has a blade that is barely over two inches long. This very compact knife comes with all the advantages of a fixed blade, plus the convenience you’d expect from a small folding knife that is easier to carry around.

We also carry a Damascus Bowie Knife that has a fixed blade but is still very small. This knife comes with leather sheath and is only a few inches long. It weighs just 473g with the sheath included.

These are just two of the options we have when it comes to a small fixed blade knife, but you can find exactly the size of fixed blade you want by browsing our store.

Survival and Tactical Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives are often used as survival and tactical knives because they are very strong. We have a mini tactical self defense fixed blade knife that is about the size of a finger, but strong and durable nonetheless. Despite its small size, it is an excellent survival and tactical knife for self defense purposes.

People sometimes seek out a fixed blade survival knife for use outdoors, where dangerous situations can arise with little notice. For such circumstances, we offer an outdoor bowie knife. This fixed blade knife has an attractive red rosewood handle for a classic and outdoorsy look and feel. It will serve well in most outdoor situations where you find yourself in need of a reliable knife.

Sometimes, sawed teeth are desirable on a tactical knife. The sawed teeth allow for gripping and tearing. This can be useful for outdoor situations such as hunting trips. We offer a tactical bowie knife with sawed teeth and a fixed blade just for such circumstances. It comes with a sturdy sheath that protects both the wearer and the knife.

EDC Fixed Blade Knives

Can a fixed blade be an EDC knife? It may sound counter-intuitive to say yes, but it is indeed possible.

When looking for a fixed blade EDC knife, one tip is to seek out a small fixed blade knife. A small fixed blade knife, while not able to fold, can still be light and discreet enough for EDC. Also look for a fixed blade knife with a sheath. A sheath will keep you from losing a small fixed blade knife or accidentally injuring yourself while fishing around for a small knife. It is better to have a sheath if you are planning to carry a knife around with you for your daily activities. It keeps both you and the knife safe, while also making the knife more secure so it’s easier to reach should you need it.

Do You Need a Fixed Blade Knife Sheath?

Not necessarily.

It is often the right call to have a sheath for your fixed blade knife, but that is not a hard and fast rule that you need to rigidly adhere to. A sheath can help protect the knife and make it easier to access regardless of your situation, but it is not always necessary.

A sheath is especially important if you plan to make a fixed blade knife your EDC knife. EDC knives almost always benefit from having a sheath or clip for ease of carrying and more discrete carrying. Plus, with a fixed blade knife, the blade is always exposed. So if you carried your fixed blade EDC in a bag or pocket without a sheath, it would be likely to damage whatever it was being carried in and the blade of the knife would be exposed to potentially corrosive and harmful elements. It is just all around better for the knife if you have a sheath for it.

It is also good to have a sheath for tactical and survival knives. A sheath allows you to carry the knife in such a way that you can get to it very quickly. When in the outdoors, you need a knife that is secure while you’re carrying it and a sheath provides that security. Additionally, survival and tactical knives tend to be extremely sharp, so putting them in a sheath also protects you.