Karambit Knives

All About Karmabit Knives

The Karambit is a compact and easy-to-carry utility knife that has its origins in the Southeast Asian Region. The product is designed to be used for self-defense and many other purposes. In fact, it is considered the every day carry (EDC) blade of ancient Southeast Asia. The product has been receiving quite a buzz in the market for some time. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Karmabit knives.

What Is A Karambit Knife?

It is a multi-use knife that is designed for safety, efficiency, and precision. These tools come with an ergonomic handle, a curved blade, and a safety ring. The knife is quite sleek and built for a purpose. The design is almost thousands of years old. Hence, the Karambit is a time tested tool that is ideal for knife fighting games, self-defense purposes, and military use.

History Of The Karambit

The modern Karambit has its roots in the 11th century in Indonesia. It originated as a family tool and utility blade in this region. Due to the thriving trade in Indonesia, the knife spread to most of the other Southeast Asian regions quickly. The tool became popular in the United States in the 20th century. It was introduced to the country by practitioners of Indonesian and Filipino martial arts. Today, the knife is found across the globe for any imaginable usage.

Popular Types Of Karambits

The modern knife is available in fixed blade and folding blade types. Some knives are mass-produced by large companies around the world while there is a small percentage of custom made knives too. In fact, the custom-made knife is designed by a blade smith by hand. Some of these custom knives are cut by machines and finished by hand. There are several designs of Karambits such as fixed Karambits, folding Karambits, training blade, live blade, etc. The design changes with time since the tools are built for specific functions.

How Is A Karambit Used?

In fact, a Karambit knife can be used for a multitude of purposes. It was used historically for a variety of daily chores. It has been the "pocket knife" of choice in most of the Southeast Asian countries. Today, the product is used as one of the best self-defense applications. It is also used in knife fights around the world. The blade is carried around by soldiers, ranchers, operators, and security experts too.

Why Use A Karambit?

The Karambit is considered one of the best every day carry self-defense tools on the market today. It is quite versatile and used for a wide variety of purposes compared to competitor knives on the market. Due to the safety ring and curved blade, the knife offers many advantages compared to other knives. If you are looking for a dynamic EDC knife, there is no better choice than the Karambit.

Karambits In Movies

There are many scenes in popular movies where the Karambit knife is used. In the popular movie "Taken" Liam Neeson is seen fighting Sheik Raman's guard who uses a Karambit knife. A folding Karambit is used by Michael Westen in Burn Notice - a popular television series.