Magnetic Knife Holders / Racks

Buying a Magnetic Knife Holder

A magnetic knife holder for the kitchen can be a real space-saver for people who don’t have a lot of storage or kitchen real estate to waste. Magnetic knife holders also look sleek and modern and display your knives in an attractive way.

Some people make their own knife holders, but there are also a variety of magnetic knife holders available for sale. It might seem like a magnetic knife holder is just a magnet strip you can affix to the wall, but there are also wooden knife holders, double magnetic knife holders and other variations to consider.

When purchasing a magnetic knife holder, consider your space restrictions, how many and which type of knives you have and how much work you want to put into the knife holder. If you have the time, tools and an ambition, you can make your own DIY magnetic knife holder, but they are also relatively inexpensive to purchase.

A final consideration is safety. Magnetic knife holders look great but do place your kitchen knives within easy reach. If there are children around, you may want to set your knife holder high up where they can’t reach the handles and pull down knives. You’ll also need to consider the safety of the knives themselves, as magnetic knife holders that are poorly made or use excessively powerful magnets can damage your blades.

Making a DIY Magnetic Knife Holder

You’ll want to have the following supplies on hand if you’re planning to make your own DIY magnetic knife holder:

  • A wooden block
  • A drill
  • A hammer
  • Brackets and nails
  • Super glue
  • Drill bits
  • Heavy duty magnets
  • Spray lacquer finish

The exact type of magnets,wood, bits and other materials you use depends on the size, look and shape of knife holder you hope to make. However, helpful guides exist online that can explain how to make the knife holder. Many Pinterest users make their own knife holders. DIY sites also offer how-tos.

The advantage to making your own knife holder is that you can completely customize the look and strength of the knife holder. You know it will be long enough for however many kitchen knives you want to display. And you can save some money this way, especially if you already have access to most of the tools you’ll need. However, there will be a high cost in time compared with simply buying a knife holder.

What is the Best Magnetic Kitchen Knife Holder?

If you are buying a knife holder instead of making one, what should you look for? Reliable brands will usually produce a magnetic knife holder you can trust. These will contain magnets that are strong enough to hold your blades but not so powerful they chip your knives every time you place or remove them from the strip.

Many of the highest quality magnetic knife strips are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel looks clean and sleek and also tends to be easy to clean and resistant to rust. Rust resistance should be advertised alongside the knife holder, so keep an eye out during your search.

Wooden Magnetic Knife Holders

Many people prefer a wood look for their knife holders. This is more classic looking than cold stainless steel. The key is to embed a strong magnet within the wood. A magnet strong enough to be used as a knife holder can easily hold your knives, even if it is encased in wood.

Wooden knife holders also need keyholes to allow for wall mounting. Unless you are making the knife holder yourself, however, this should not be a major issue when you’re looking for a wooden magnetic knife holder.

Again, note the strength of the magnet being used for the knife holder. A magnet that is too powerful will put continual strain on the tang, wearing it down over time. The constant stress on the blade can weaken the knife. You also shouldn’t use a magnetic knife holder for any ceramic knives.

Double Magnetic Knife Holders

A double magnetic knife holder is simply one that uses two magnets instead of just one. This can take the form of two magnetic bars with a gap. Because there are two magnets, however, this type of knife holder can appear extremely minimal, with no extra bulk or weight beyond just the two magnetic bars needed to hold the knives.

A double magnetic knife holder is the ultimate space saver. It is highly recommended for people with small kitchens or who just want to save as much space as possible when storing their knives. You can’t really go more minimal than a double magnetic knife holder.

Double magnetic knife holders also sometimes combine with other types of utensil holders. It is possible to use two magnetic strips for the knives, then hang hooks from the bottom strip that can be used to hang pots, pans, spatulas and other kitchen tools. The magnets won’t interfere with the utensils that you have hanging, resulting in a configuration that saves even more space than just your average knife holder.

Magnetic Knife Holders for Your Refrigerator

Rather than using the wall, some people hang their magnetic knife holders on their refrigerators. This again is a space saver, as the knives don’t interrupt counter space in any way but still hang in a location where they are easy to access.

This is a great option for people who are low on space and it saves your walls. You don’t need to drill any holes or mount the knife holder anywhere. The same magnets that hold the knives will be well strong enough to stick to the refrigerator reliably. And you’ll never worry about knives eating up counter space from hanging too low.

Of course, this option puts knives within very easy reach, so those with children at home should probably avoid a refrigerator knife holder. Still, it is a very convenient option. You can even make your own simply by buying a magnetic strip that is the right length and strength for your knives.