Multi Tool Knives

Are Multi Tool Knives the Right Choice for You?

It seems that everybody has a favorite knife, with some of them slipping into their pocket and others perhaps being carried in a sheath. From time to time, however, you come across a type of knife that is able to handle multiple purposes. That is the case with multiple tool knives and when you understand what they are and what they have to offer, it may just be the choice that you want to make as well.

Some knives will work for a very specific purpose, such as those that are used for scaling a fish or a knife that is used for whittling. A multi tool knife, on the other hand, can easily accomplish many tasks because it not only has a blade, it may contain a variety of other tools. Some of those tools include a screwdriver, a corkscrew, scissors, pliers and even a can opener. You can even find some that include a magnifying glass and flashlight! It seems as if there is nothing that these tools can't do, and they certainly can be a convenient option for those who carry them.

Origin of Multi Tools

Most people credit Tim Leatherman, the creator of the Leatherman tool as the originator of this idea. In reality, however, multi tool knives have been around for millennia. There is some evidence to show that they were used by the ancient Romans, but it wasn't for use in the field. Typically, this knife was used during that time for the purpose of eating but it may have been a convenient choice for other uses as well.

What are Multi Tool Knives Good For?

Rather than looking at what you can do with a multi tool knife, it is better if you look at what is not able to be done with them. Many people will carry them on their belt at all times because they can be used for so many different reasons. If you just need a knife, they can provide it for you. Then again, if you need to do some maintenance work and don't want to carry a full set of tools with you, a multipurpose tool can work quite well. Depending upon the options you need to have available, you may be able to do jobs both large and small.

Well Known Multi Tool Knives Around the World

The most popular and perhaps best-known multi tool knives include the Leatherman, Gerber and the ever popular Swiss Army knife. In each of these types of products, you will find an endless variety of options. You often see these tools being used in various movies and on television, if you look closely enough.

Why choose a Multi Tool over a Regular Knife?

Although it may be possible to simply slip a pocketknife into your pocket, having a multi tool provides you with so much more. If you're going to choose one particular knife for your everyday use, one of these popular tools can certainly be the choice that is right for you. When you have them available, you will find that you are using them often and in ways that you had never imagined possible.