Multi Tool Knives

Best Multi Tool Knives

When you need more than just a knife, look to a multi tool, which will allow you to carry just about every tool you could need in one compact form. A good multi tool knife does much more than just provide a knife for cutting. It is a workbench that fits in the palm of your hand.

A multi tool can certainly serve as a knife. However, it is also useful for so many other things, such as opening bottles or sawing. As far back as the Roman empire, the concept of a knife that could also have other uses attracted people. They wanted a knife that was for more than just eating. Today, the Swiss Army knife is one of the most famous multi tool knives and has become synonymous with portability and usefulness. A Swiss Army Knife is also the quintessential folding multi tool knife, able to fit in a pocket and go anywhere to do just about anything.

These days, multi tool knives are achieving a new level of function, with tools and functions that would have been unthinkable not too long ago. It isn’t unheard to have multi tool knives that include lighters, levels, tape measures, LED lights and more specialized tools.

Multi Tool Blades and Uses

The functions of a multi tool depend in part on the user. How you plan to make use of your multi tool and where you intend to carry it can dictate some of its uses.

Multi tools are the knife of choice among campers and backpackers, for example. It can be an easy way to carry most of the tools you’ll need to spend a few days in the wilderness. A multi tool such as our Stainless Steel Multi Tool could come with bottle openers and scissors to take care of all camping necessities.

However, multi tools are often a tool of the trade for certain jobs and industries, or for home tinkerers. Some multi tools include things like box cutters, as well as levels and conventional knives. This can make life easier for handymen and craftsmen who need quick access to tools such as these for their everyday tasks. Being able to have tools of the trade instantly on hand is vital for people who just need to get the job done. That’s why we recommend a multi tool to make life easier.

Multi tools have come a long way, though, and now there are even versions specially meant for cyclists. These multi tools contain a number of gadgets such as hex keys, wrenches and spoke keys that can help quickly repair a bike.

There really are few scenarios where a multi tool couldn’t find a use. They are great for everything from working to biking, camping to hunting. Since their original invention, they’ve come a long way and now include practically every tool you could ever need.

Pocket or Keychain: Which is Best for your Multi Tool?

A crucial aspect of a good multi tool is the ease of carrying it. This may mean the multi tool folds up to fit in a pocket, but it can also mean that the multi tool is also a keychain. Both of these forms allow you to carry a multi tool with little to no burden.

The pocket knife version of a multi tool is classic and very popular, with good reason. A pocket knife multi tool can be carried just about anywhere without hassle or weight. A good multi tool can fold up to a small size and fit comfortably in the pocket of jeans. This is especially true of the classic Swiss Army knife.

Some multi tools can fold down so small that it fits in the palm of your hand. This obviously makes them extremely easy to carry. However, the more tools are included, the harder it’s going to get to find a multi tool that can fold down to a very compact shape. If you want a lot of tools, you may have to deal with a bulkier multi tool.

One solution is having a keychain attachment. Sometimes this means a keychain attachment on a regular multi tool knife. There are, however, keychains that are also multi tools. These keychain multi tools are a bit more limited because they are extremely small, but if you only need a couple tools, you can’t get more compact than a keychain multi tool that is exceptionally easy to keep on you all day. You can discreetly hand it with you other keys and know you have the tools you need without anyone else even realizing it. Often keychain multi tools look like small fobs that no one would guess is actually a multi tool.

Camping with a Multi Tool

Camping is one of the most common reasons to get a multi tool. Out in the woods, far from cellphone reception and other people, you need a full range of tools in order to get by. Multi tools are great for both emergency situations and ordinary uses while camping. You can get a multi tool for camping that has scissors and bottle openers to help with ordinary tasks, but also a decent knife blade if an emergency should arise.

It can be difficult to foresee all the needs that you’ll experience while camping, so getting the most well-rounded multi tool may be the best strategy for ensuring you have everything you need. While camping, situations can arise that you simply don’t see coming. When you need the right tool right away, you’ll want to have a multi tool on hand that can do almost anything. Some handy additional features to be on the lookout for in a camping multi tool are things like files, serrated blades, pliers, wire cutters and a screwdriver. These more specialized tools aren’t always necessary, but you’ll be grateful you have them if you ever should need them. If your camping multi tool includes scissors, make sure they are strong enough to cut seat belts, fishing line, zip ties or fabric so you can free yourself if any of those items became tangled.