Pocket Knives

We offer hundreds of pocket knives at Hobanco. From tactical to camping knives, from traditional to automatic, we have it all. Our pocket knives come in a range of prices and materials, sizes, and blade types and they are all backed up by Hobanco's Ironclad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Why You Should Consider Having a Pocket Knife

Although you have many different types of knives you might consider carrying, a pocket knife is one that you should never be without. It is a type of knife that is foldable and typically has a handle small enough when it is folded that can fit in your pocket. A pocket knife may have multiple blades but some popular types only have a single blade. They are also sometimes referred to as a jack knife.

What are the Popular Styles of Pocket Knives?

You might be surprised with how many options and types are available with this type of knife. They range from the simple barlow knife, which has an oval handle and one or two blades to the Swiss Army knife, which typically has multiple tools along with a blade and can easily fit into your pocket. Some of the other types of pocket knives include the whittler, sunfish, sodbuster, stockman, trapper, penknife, dog leg, sow belly, cotton sampler, peanut and congress knife. There are also many others that encompass many different shapes and sizes.

History of Pocket Knives

Pocket knives have been around for quite some time. Some people think of them as being a fairly recent development but there have been variations of the pocket knife found in archaeological digs dating back 2,500 years. In the past few centuries, they have continued to advance and develop into the current models we see today.

How are Pocket Knives Used Today in the Real World?

The use of pocket knives in the modern world differs, depending on the area and the type of knife that is being used. For example, They may be used for everyday items, such as opening the mail or peeling fruit. Some may also be used for specific purposes, such as fishing, first aid or camping and they may even be carried for protection in some areas because they can be easily concealed. Once you have one at your disposal and grow accustomed to using it, you might be surprised with how many different ways it comes in handy.

What are the most famous Pocket Knives?

There are many famous types of knives that are well known through the world. They include the Swiss Army Knives, which have been used for multiple purposes. They have been been shown in movies, typically doing something in excess of what they were designed to do. Then again, there is the common whittler, which is often showed in movies when the grandfather is on the front porch, busy carving out a decoy duck or some other item from a tree branch.

Why do people use Pocket Knives?

Regardless of whether you see them in the movies or if you just have a personal favorite, pocket knives are sure to be a personal favorite once you begin using them. For most people, it is just the fact that they have a knife on them at any given time and when they need it, it is available.

You can choose from a wide range of knives to suite almost any purpose but the pocket knife is one that is typically at the top of the list. Choose the one that is right for your needs and you will cherish it. In fact, you might even find you are handing it down to the next generation.