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Everything You Need to Know About Practice Butterfly / Balisong Knives

Practice butterfly knives are considered some of the best additions to your knife collection. They are well-known for their quick concealment and lightning fast deployment. The butterfly knife is also known as a balisong which is a folding knife that has two handles. These handles would rotate around the tang of the knife. The blade of the balisong is concealed within its handles. It is easy to close the knife due to the latch that protects the handles. This article provides an overview of practice butterfly knives.

What Is A Butterfly / Balisong Knife?

It is a pocket knife with two handles which rotate in such a way that the blade is concealed within the handles. It is also known as a fan knife or balisong which was traditionally made in the Philippines. Because of the irregular construction of the balisong, it can be used differently than a traditional pocket knife. Hence, it can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

History of Butterfly / Balisong Knives

There is a long history of the butterfly knife. Many historians believe that the knife was originated in the Philippines around 800 A.D. In fact, the balisong has been used in ancient Filipino martial arts. The knife became popular in Europe during the 1600s. The oldest English patent for a butterfly styled knife was issued to a cutlery firm in Germany on April 12, 1880. The mass production of these knives began in 1905 by the Hemming Cutlery company out of Connecticut. This version was popularly used by the American Military at that time.

What are the Different Types Of Butterfly / Balisong Knives?

There are basically two types of butterfly knives on the market today. The Sandwich and Channel are these two types. In fact, the Channel construction is supposed to be the stronger out of these two types of knives. The main parts of the handle are made of one piece of material. The handle has a groove and is easier to grab. On the other hand, the Sandwich construction is considered a beginner knife and quite affordable due to this reason.

Best Uses Of Butterfly / Balisong Knives

The balisong makes a great self-defense tool in addition to an every day carrying (EDC) knife. Most knives can easily fit into your pocket. The knife doesn't require a sheath since the blade sits perfectly between the handles of the knife. The fact that the knife doesn't require a sheath makes it easier to use in an emergency situation. The product can be used for any type of tasks including martial arts, sports, military, and self-defense.

Why Use A Butterfly / Balisong Knife Instead Of Another Knife?

The balisong is easier to carry and conceal compared to most of the other types of knives on the market. These knives are rugged, open very quickly, and come with the strongest lock compared to other knives out there.

Butterfly / Balisong Knives In The Movies

The balisong has been used in many popular movies. Some of the most popular movies include Mission Of Justice, Streets of Fire, Face Off, The Mummy, and Karate Kid II. 

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