Serrated Knives

The Serrated Knife

There are good knives. There are great knives. Then, there are serrated knives. Serrated knives have single blades with numerous indentations, called serrations, on the sharp edge. In a way, serrated knives are miniature saws. They have an identical shape and follow a very similar design. A serrated blade triumphs over a smoother blade in two scenarios: 1) when the outside of an object is too tough, and 2) when an exterior is too soft. Serrated knives can be viewed as the knight in shining armor, or knight in shining armor, if you will. They save the day when other knives are unfit for the situation. Serrated blades might just be the knife to sweep you off your feet and show you everything you have been missing in a world without them.

What are Serrated Knives Used For?

Serrated knives are cutting-edge - both literally and figuratively. They are used to slice just about anything. With the ability to cut through nearly every texture, serrated knives are a necessity in every kitchen and toolbox. From tearing through tough baguettes, to ripping apart thick pieces of rope, serrated knives give you mastery over even the most dense of consistencies.

Serrated knives are beneficial to both extremes.They are not just profoundly adept at difficult cuts. Serrated knives are also superb utensils for softer surfaces. In order to understand its versatility, imagine cutting a soft, ripened orange. The exquisite sharpness of a serrated knife would immediately perforate the peel, as opposed to a plain-edge knife, which would squash the fruit as a whole. Using the latter would cause you to struggle as you try to poke through a thick orange peel. The fruit is not fully sliced, but there are now holes in the peel. The juice starts to drip from the fruit, leaving the confines of the peel via the tiny holes, and ultimately creating a sticky mess.

Serrated knives provide an advantage when it comes to sturdy objects. The serrations yield more leverage and control. The dispersal of smaller edges along the entire length of the knife increases the ratio of sharpness to surface area, too. A knife with 50+ pointed edges has the ability to grip onto a surface in more than one place. It can also pierce multiple points on the surface all at once. The pressure being applied is spread out rather than consolidated into one section at a time. This is incredibly advantageous and allows for serrated knives to excel as much as they do.

A knife with a straight blade and a single pointed tip does not have that same edge. However, sometimes the intent is not to sever something with intensity. The cuts created by knives with smooth blades are cleaner and more exact. They are less jagged and fierce because they are designed with accuracy in mind. Therefore, precision is more attainable with non-serrated knives. The cuts from smooth blades more leveled than you would expect to create with serrated knife. This is not to imply that serrated knives lead to chaotic and unsteady lines. They are still dependable knives capable of linear motion and straight lines. The difference lies in the effects of the serrations. Those automatically generate wider cuts because. instead of slicing with one blade, there are many at play.

How to Sharpen Serrated Knives

A common question pertaining to serrated knives is, “Can serrated knives be sharpened?” The answer is yes, absolutely. Serrated knives appear to require more concise sharpening methods and cleaning procedures, in relation to the many other types of knives out there. This is a direct result of their jagged shape. However, anyone who has owned a serrated knife before can attest to this statement: serrated knives are easy to maintain. The main difference between sharpening serrated knives versus straight-edge blades is that each serration must be sharpened on its own. The process is relatively more lengthy for serrated knives. An equal number of steps are included, but they are repeated for each edge. Rather than sharpening the blade all at once, the edges are honed one at a time.   

It is very important that you remain aware and cautious for the entire duration of sharpening a serrated knife. Due to its indentations, the serrated knife is sharp from every angle. Even a dull serrated knife is still sharper than a single blade. The serrations require individual care, demanding undivided attention and patience. A

Knife Sharpener for Serrated Knives

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